That photo

Giving head to a white collar criminal

This photo sort of came together spontaneously as at least 5 different people contributed ideas to it. So in a way it is my photo - I took it - but it is also not my photo. This means that anything I do with this photo, I have to consider how other people feel about it. Part of the problem here is that I don't know everyone involved well enough (like Diana and Laura) to really gauge how they feel about it.

It is kind of classless; but that's also something I like about it. It speaks to me - unlike many of my own photographs. This one has a message, something about white collar criminals having their cake and eating it too. It should stay up for this. But it isn't mine, I don't know how the others involved in the taking of it feel about it, and for that it should come down.

And since language is so very deceptive, there is no real way out of this conundrum.


Weekend catch-up & Tackle

Over the weekend I went hiking with some vandigicam'ers: Vida, Laura, Hez, Neil, Karen, Jamie & his wife (whom I've never met before and am blanking on her name.. sorry!). The hike was well-chosen by Vida and Jamie was a super kind host

So I tackled Kris yesterday in the photo studio; it was meant to be kinda playful and not really acheive anything (like knock him down). He probably knows that so it's cool. Kris and I had a stare-off but couldn't bring ourselves to actually wrestle.

Wrestling with Laura was fun; we don't know each other so it seemed pretty easy to do. It was playful and, really, it's been far too long since I had a good 'ol wrestle. Celia said our colours kinda matched so hopefully it looks like as much fun as it was :)



So apparently there is this neat little device which can help people find out when they sound like a jerk on the phone. Of course, the device can also tell you when the other person sounds like a jerk.

This is just what we need, a new technology to tell people what their emotional state should be. Thanks science! Why don't the annals of academia dream up a machine to tell us when we're sounding loving, happy or drunk?

Boycott, please. If this machine becomes popular then becoming an oil worker will sound pretty appealing.



Dreamt about my old saxophone. I dreamt that I took it out of storage and started to play it again. Felt the notes in my body, felt my fingers move over the delicate and gleaming brass, felt the reed on my lips and my breath into the mouthpiece.

God it feels good to dream like that. I wish I actually had my sax in storage; it could be anywhere now, playing its heart out for some other little kid.


Me and You and Everyone We Know

Went out last night to the fabulous 5th Ave. Cinema and saw Me and You and Everyone We Know, on the advice of a friend. That cinema is great, I've really enjoyed every movie I've seen there. But back to the main point. "Me and You and Everyone We Know" is a real mold breaker, a refreshing show from Miranda July who is clearly a genious.

I liked how the artist touches things and expresses herself all over her environment (on the inside of her car's windsheild, for example). It would seem somehow perfect if some of the footage in the movie was actually taken from Miranda's personal collection of art; I'm thinking of the shoes with the ink on them. The movie isn't really about her though, it is about the connections between people and the depth of character that exists before and after things get all complicated by adulthood.

Anything more would be a spoiler though; go see it.


Blue theme photowalk

Went on a blue-themed photo walk with vandigicam last night. It was fun, and usually hanging with the vandigicam crew is. Jamie and Rachael and I went off as a splinter group - 3 is a good size. Afterwards went to The Whip and then Hell's Kitchen; ate pizza with Jerry, Cliff, Jen and Gail.

Photo walks are great fun; other people always see things that I don't and it is refreshing.

To do:
- More photowalks.
- Listen to Rolling Stones: Can't Always Get What You Want
- Listen to the Libertines
- Read: "Deciding What's News" by Herbert J. Gans

The last was a recommendation of a guy I ran into on the bus this morning.