People, Places, Things

Everything has changed yet much remains the same.

My previous post on this blog was two years ago, chronicling how I was fighting a highway expansion project. Since then I've moved to a new city in another country, taken on a new job, met dozens of new people, and generally kept on living.

I've become an activist for a bicycle group, so I'm still encouraging alternative transport. I've taken up climbing in a big way, and through this I've met quite a few new people and had some great experiences but mostly got to know my buddy Zach. My enthusiasm for the sport has helped some of my friends to get into it too. I've taken up bicycling in a multitude of ways; as a past time, as a commute method, as a fitness aid, and for fun - just wait till you see some of my new tricks ;). And I feel that my work is more relevant now than it ever has been.

Still, I've kept in touch with some of the people I used to know, particularly my old f00f tribe.

I've gone away from and slowly am coming back to the old pleasures of technology, but in a more deliberate way. Linux is still good :) and so is programming for fun and profit. I'm still trying to feed my creative outlets; perhaps even more so now that I feel a lot more settled in San Francisco.

That's enough for now. Hello again!