Perhaps we should teach this in school too?

Here's one for the creationists.

A photo-illustration conveying the concept of "panspermia", the theory that life on earth originated from comets carrying eggs across the universe. Hey, why not? After all, it is just as unprovable as "intelligent design".

Maybe when the teachers get back from striking we can start discussing it seriously.


Winter is coming

Winter is coming
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In a few months we'll be encased in glorious crystal formations on almost every conceivable outdoor surface.

I've been indexing all my older digital images as I back them up. Looking through all these "older" pictures (really only 1 year) reminds me how breathtakingly fast the internal and external universe changes.



Feeling kinda down lately. Seems like there are lots of people right now that are feeling bummed. Maybe it is the weather.


Link time!

Linking to some cool people I work with:

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http://cdanes.com/ - Cris's homepage.

Cris proposed to his girlfriend and she accepted! Good luck for the happy couple.