Restoring Balance

Thursday and Friday saw my first two yoga classes at Semperviva. It was a constructive way to end what began as a destructive week. With a mix of saying hello again to an old friend, spending time or at least talking with everyone in my close family, and spending time with some friends I've not spent time with lately, it was a fine way to begin to restore balance.

Special mention goes to Lucas; he graduated from VCC's LPN (licensed practical nursing) program and got his license in the mail this week. You're my hero bro!


Blogger sonneva said...

It was really awesome to spend some time with you this weekend! We'll have to do a bit more before I leave.

2:46 p.m.  
Blogger slightly-less-random said...

Yeah, thanks for organizing that Saturday brunch gathering. And it was fun to see you and Hez for Monty Python.

8:02 p.m.  

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