"We want to put a smile on your face and a chocolate bar in your pocket!"

The other day I got on a bus, a #2 at around 6pm, heading from downtown to kits. Same as any other bus. I sat down and the driver pulled away. As we headed over the Burrard St. bridge, the driver introduced himself over the PA and announced that we were part of a program by Coast Mountain Bus Company to have more fun on the bus.

This particular driver, John, was good at getting us all pretty excited about having more fun on the bus. He was going to ask a trivia question, and we would yell out an answer. After a few answers he would tell us which was right and we could walk up to the front of the bus and get a chocolate bar! Something about the driver put most people at ease and the peer pressure kind of dissolved. It helped that as he was describing what he was going to do, we started looking around and smiling at each other. After a round of clapping he got started.

First question, how many volts does an electric eel zap with? The driver said higher or lower as people yelled out numbers and a woman sitting at the back with a friend was the first to get the right answer, and the first chocolate bar. 650V apparently, although wikipedia says 500 - but trifles really, since both could kill you. The driver asked her to say her name and what she does over the PA.

Second question, which company has the largest advertising network in the world? Microsoft, Nike, Coca-Cola were all yelled out - the winner being an "office manager" with Coca-Cola. Third question was which toy company is the biggest? Nobody got the right answer - "No chocolate for you!" says John. And finally, how do you write 400 in roman numerals? I yelled out CD - which won me a trip to the front to tell everyone I'm a programmer and make my choice of chocolate.

The bus pulled into my stop and everyone was pretty cheery, it sure worked to put a smile on my face! This happens every day, same bus and same driver - Bus #2, run #58, driver John. Great idea CMB!


Blogger Derek Lewis said...

I was on that bus with that driver a couple weeks ago. It sure was entertaining, but unfortunately, I had to get off before the first question had even been answered. :(

9:08 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you guys know Trish drives bus for CMBC - I wounder if she does that to ?
Sounds liek a fun bus ride for sure :) fattening but fun :)

5:47 p.m.  
Blogger slightly-less-random said...

Trish is a bus driver now? I hope I get on her bus some time!

2:47 p.m.  
Blogger Hendrik said...

I was on a bus where the driver did the exact same sort of trivia game several years ago. Probably the same guy. It was on a #4 back then I think. I thought it was amazing how it really bonded the people in the bus together in a way. Going together from the initial 'what the fuck?' reaction to enjoying the show, shouting out answers and applauding the winners.
And it was funny to watch the reactions of new people boarding the bus along the way.
I didn't win anything though. I suck at trivia.

9:58 a.m.  

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