Niagara Falls

Lady of the Mist
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While in Toronto I went with Monica, Jason and Noriko to see Niagara falls. I had been warned to watch out for cheese - and the tourist town just before the falls sure was cheesy! We drove straight through. What I was unprepared for was how many people are actually at the falls. This is a serious pilgrimage! There is a Tim Horton's at the falls, and we ate there. The other options are $7 for a slice of pizza or $15 for a BLT sandwich. Note for next time; pack a big lunch.

The falls are massive alright. We ended up paying $11 to go to the tunnels behind the falls (there are portals behind the waterfall where you can see the falls from behind) and also to the viewing deck at the base of the falls. I'm happy we did that because the view from below really humbles you.

It's a paradox, really; viewing the falls. On the one hand they are massive; and we are so tiny. It made me feel small and a little alone. On the other hand, our technology has slowed the falls erosion and harnessed the power of the falls to make electricity; we've built parking lots and a city and hotels and vineyards around the falls. We've reduced the falls from a natural wonder to a cultural curiosity. The falls generate power and dollars for our government; they are in our service.

After driving back to Toronto we said goodbye and thank you to Monica, and wrapped up the evening with a bite to eat at Bowl and a walk down Yonge St. It was a great day!


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