Kathy 'n Monica

Kathy 'n Monica
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First day in Toronto! I'm torn between saying very little and saying a lot about my trip; so I'll start out saying a lot and see where that goes.

When I arrived in Toronto Kathy and Monica (Rachael's sister and mom) met me at the airport and we went straight out for coffee. It was fun to finally meet Monica and see Kathy again! We sipped exotic coffee drinks and I gave out letters and chocolate that Rachael asked me to take to them. From one Ashe to another, hugs by proxy, etc. :) Transportation provided by Kathy's new lighting-proof car.

We went back to Monica's home for a short stay before we went out to meet Jamie for dinner. Kathy has been working on a couple of knitting projects (socks, a poncho and a sweater if I remember correctly) each of which are remarkable for the type of wool chosen, especially the poncho and the socks.

We went downtown and met Jamie at Cafe 668 on Dundas; fabulous vegetarian food! Of course we talked about Rachael, cameras, and hot peppers! Jamie happened to be in Toronto for a couple of days so we could meet up and say hello. Jamie and I were able to meet up again on Tuesday for lunch.

After dinner we ran into a crazy lady who wanted a lighter, I'm not too sure what that was about but if you ever see me and Jamie or Kathy mumble something about "got a liiiighterrr??" and snicker then you know what we're going on about...

After checking into my hostel I did a little late-night exploring of the local area. Can't possibly be that bad right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for delivering the letters, and I'm glad to hear the chocolate made it through to them, despite it's temptation... I like that they could be a warm welcome to you in a place you hadn't been before.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lighter? You got a lighter?

You know I forgot about that and almost peed my pants when I read it. Come back!! Both you and Jamie. . and do it soon will ya?!

4:57 PM  

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