Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween people!

This year I actually had fun with my costume and pumpkin. As halloween pre-weekend approached I almost chickened out of my costume - a skunk. But in the end I dressed up (twice) in a not very convincing but fun skunk costume. It was the first that I painted over my entire head for halloween; it's a lot of fun to go out into the city wearing bizarre skin and a tail. It was an appropriate level of fun & scary; not like last year where my costume was so convincingly scary that I became scared of myself.

For the annual pumpkin carving festivities I was struck by an idea a few days in advance and did carve a genuinely scary pumpkin. Lesson learned; when the pumpkin starts to fight back then really, it's done.


Blogger Derek Lewis said...

That was a truely terrifying pumpkin Ben. :) And great costume too!

4:46 p.m.  
Blogger sonneva said...

yeah damn scary pumpkin... I should send you the pics of it :)

8:22 a.m.  
Blogger slightly-less-random said...

Yes please! I don't have any. I took my camera out when Marko and I were hanging out a few days ago but it looks like it is going to take a loooong time to finish the roll of film in it.

12:35 a.m.  

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