Showing Face

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Picked up this new album, X-Amounts by Controller.Controller. Sounds great; I think this band will have fairly wide appeal in some crowds, although I'm not sure yet which crowds Controller.Controller will be popular with. Can't wait until the next album, one just isn't enough.

Georgia Straight review.


Backing up sucks

Since running out of hard disk space, I've been slogging through 30GB of photographs making a backup set of DVDs so that I can clear out some old photos to make way for the new. The actual burning to DVD doesn't take that long; the real time sucker is creating the index. My rationale is that a stack of DVDs that I can't index is of limited use, so I go through every folder (clustered by upload) and write a set of keywords for the photos in that folder.

Maybe I'll be done by Christmas. 2007.